A New Scanning Technology – Scanit App and DRV Codes

PNS Communications, LLC is a software company that has developed Scanit: an Optical Interactive Scanner Technology. This is a new and innovative technology that allows marketers to embed a Direct Response Video Code, or “DRV Code”, into any video content, including television programming and commercials, movies and films, outdoor signs, billboards and Jumbotrons.

An Exciting Innovation With Unique Capabilities

The DRV Code functions similarly to existing QR Code technology that is used in print media. However, unlike the QR Code the Scanit app works on any digital screen, in any lighting condition, and at 20X+ the distance of any QR Code reader. Until now this has never been accomplished.

When the DRV Code is scanned by any mobile device the Scanit app can perform multiple functions including launching a website, entering a purchase order screen or social media page, log onto a Wifi network, share contact information, transfer money, or view other digital content on the smartphone or tablet.  Scanit and its associated DRV Code technology is patented in the U.S. and internationally and patent for the Rewards Program has also been granted.

Superior Technology Means Greater Control in Marketing

Because DRV Codes are optical images, Scanit is much faster, more reliable, and not subject to background “noise interference” due to distance from a TV. It possesses a much greater depth of reach than inferior “audio-based” products. Most Audio-based systems work by monitoring national cable data feeds and then using an “audio marking method”, on the audio portion of those feeds in order to recognize them. However, they do not monitor local feeds or local stations, and therefore cannot identify local advertising or local programming which renders their system useless to local and regional advertisers.

The Scanit DRV Code is embedded into an advertisement with a unique identifier. Because it is optical, not audio, it does not require the monitoring of any data feeds, and therefore does not have any of the limitations of an audio based system. Further, there is no language barrier issues with an optical system. The dialect a user receives once scanned is controlled by the backend therefore the same advertisement can be displayed and easily read anywhere in the world.

The use of the Scanit system as a direct response tool to engage an audience and customers, is limited only by the imagination of a marketing team.


Highly Useful for Data Collection and Reporting

Because of Scanit’s robust backend data capture capabilities it provides a myriad of never before available analytical opportunities. Response rates and user demographics are captured and available virtually in real-time. These can be tracked and measured in numerous categories such as location, date-time, programming, promotional offer, etc.

Attractive to Users

In order to encourage adoption and continued use by consumers, Scanit has implemented a Rewards Program in which the user can accumulate points each time they scan the DRV Code (limited to once per view per day). The accumulated points can then be redeemed through an online catalog. To increase engagement and response rates, advertisers can add “Bonus Points” for users taking a certain action such as, taking a survey, downloading coupons, scheduling a test drive, watching a YouTube video or any desired outcome.