Rewards Program

The App That Pays for Every Scan

Redeem Scanit rewards online on on mobile.

Redeem Scanit rewards online or on mobile device.

Scanit app users are enrolled in an exciting Rewards Program! With every scan users earn points which can be redeemed for merchandise through the Rewards Program app or website.

In our structure, a base number of points are issued each time a user scans a DRV Code. Our secure algorithm limits the issuance of points to one per advertisement. Advertisers can increase user engagement by offering Bonus Points in exchange for a user taking a survey or poll.

The points are not merchant specific; a user can accumulate points from any advertiser using the DRV Code technology. Users can create a Wish List from the more than 1 million available items in our online catalogue, which can be accessed directly from their mobile device.

There is no requirement for the user to make a purchase in order to receive points*.

*The cost of the points are included in the advertiser’s per scan fee, Bonus Points are an additional fee to advertisers. There are no furtherĀ cost or setup fees for advertisers.

Redeem for Gift Cards or merchandise including electronics and household items.

Points are redeemableĀ for Gift Cards or merchandise including electronics and household items.