The Scanner App that is Useful and Rewarding

What is Scanit and What Does it Do?

phone-scanning-drv-codeScanit is a new app that works similarly to a QR code reader, but instead of just reading QR codes, it also scans Direct Response Video Codes or “DRV Codes”.  Unlike QR codes, which are found on printed media, DRV codes are found in video content including television programming and commercials, movies and films, outdoor signs, billboards and Jumbotrons. Just like a QR code, upon scanning the DRV code the app navigates the user to a web page or performs another action on the smartphone or tablet that performed the scan.

What Can Users Do With Scanit?

When a QR Code or DRV Code is scanned by any mobile device the Scanit app can perform multiple functions including, but not limited to, launching a website and entering a purchase order screen, or a social media page. Users can instantly log onto a Wifi network, share contact information, transfer money, or view other digital content on their smartphone or tablet.

Consider the Possibilities


Scan and purchase using Scanit while watching TV.

Scanit allows users to seamlessly access information by scanning either a QR Code or DRV Code for products they want or perform interactions while watching TV, reading, tweeting, chatting, walking the Las Vegas strip or at a sporting event. While watching TV with a significant other, a user can immediately purchase a gift that is advertised on TV, share something they like in a chat conversation with a friend, or take a poll during a political speech by using the displayed codes on the screen to navigate quickly to the intended destination. Scanit allows users to interact with screens of all sizes and distances and in all lighting conditions, from the movie screen to the big game Jumbotron!

Earn Rewards for Scanning

Scanit has implemented a Rewards Program in which the user can accumulate points each time they scan the DRV Code (limited to once per view per day). The accumulated points can then be redeemed through an online catalog. “Bonus Points” can be earned for taking follow up actions such as taking a survey, downloading coupons, scheduling a test drive, or watching a YouTube video.

Points are redeemed on the Scanit Rewards Program Website and app. Read more about the rewards program.