New Opportunities for Direct Response in Advertising

A seamless way to Scan codes on TVs, or any other video displays to instantly purchase a product,

or access further information. Try the demo app today!

New Opportunities for "Digital Out Of Home" Advertising

The use of the Scanit system as a tool in the DOOH platform, is limited only by the imagination

of a marketing team.

The Advertise Everywhere Scanner Technology of Tomorrow is Available Now

About Scanit

Scanit is a new app that works similarly to a QR code reader, but instead of just reading QR codes, it also scans Direct Response Video Codes or “DRV Codes”.  Unlike QR codes, which are found on printed media, DRV codes are found in video content including television programming and commercials, movies and films, outdoor signs, billboards and Jumbotrons. Just like a QR code, upon scanning the DRV code the app navigates the user to a web page or performs another action on the smartphone or tablet that performed the scan. Read More…

New Possibilities for Advertisers

Scanit and its associated DRV code technology are a new way to encourage direct response interactions from consumers. Consumers are now empowered to take immediate actions using their mobile device while watching TV, a movie or viewing display screens, large and small, in public places. Read more…

Use It

Use Scanit to scan “DRV Codes”. Similar to QR Codes these codes are found in video content, including TV programs and commercials, movies, films, outdoor signs, billboards and Jumbotrons. Sign up online to earn rewards for each scan.
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Advertise With It

Scanit technology allows advertisers to embed codes, similar to QR Codes, into video media such as TV, films, outdoor signs and Jumbotrons. Users scanning codes can access a website, social media or purchase page.
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Build on It

Scanit tech lends itself well to embedding in existing applications to add value without the clutter of traditional ads. Check out our demo application and API to explore the possibilities.
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Invest in Technology

This new Optical Interactive Scanner Technology, unlike the QR Code, works on any digital screen, in any lighting condition, and at 20X+ the distance of any QR Code reader. Until now this has never been accomplished.
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